Four Ways Ruby on Rails Can Help You

Ruby on Rails is an open source framework for web development, which has revolutionized how we create web applications. By giving the necessary components and tools to the developers, which is needed in building powerful applications in an intuitive ruby on rails development environment, Ruby on Rails makes the development less troublesome and more efficient. Know how ruby on rails can help build a fully featured web-based app rapidly.

1.Neat mark-up and structured code – The main problem is to separate the view mark-up from the business logic. Many old PHP and ASP web app have the business logic code spread all over the HTML. It is making life very hard not only for the programmer who is maintaining the code, but also the designer who is trying to look for the mark-up. There is no need to say, but things have been very unstructured in the web development days. As with many web frameworks, ruby on rails development tools use the MVC compound design pattern in solving this problem. MVC is splitting the view logic into view layer, and the business logic into a model layer. The controller will interact with the model and will pass the necessary data toward to view.

2.Rapid development and prototypes – When you develop a site for a client, you would want to concentrate on the needs of your client, such as the domain problem. Dealing with these annoyances will delay what you are actually trying to attain. Through conventional web development methods, this issue will be able to slow the development process down. Ruby on rails development tools use a concept – Convention over Configuration, and this makes you follow the convention while coding, and this leaves you with little configuration to do. Furthermore, rails have a great feature called scaffolding, which enables you to make useful prototypes for clients in just seconds.

3.Data schema control – When you work as a team of more than 5 member, it may become difficult to keep track of what changes are created to the database. For instance, someone will be able to make a change to the database, eliminating a field from a table. Meanwhile, you may be writing code that expects existence of the field, just because you are using an old revision of the schema of database. Ruby on rails development services solve this problem with migrations. It migrates the database from one state to another when making a new modification.

4.Interchangeable databases – Do you panic about all the embedded SQL query strings spread all over your code? With ruby on rails, it is not a problem, because rails is database independent. This means that you will be able to simply make several changes on configuration. This platform helps making it simple to query the database without a need to use dependent SQL query strings, which contribute to the agnosticism of database.

Ruby on rails development services have so many new concepts to learn. Nevertheless, this learning curve will start paying off when you see how much framework gives you back in return.