Essential and Useful Ruby on Rails 4 Gems

The framework of Ruby on Rails is a tool extremely powerful in the development of web applications. It has many built-in features such as object-relation mapper and intelligent routing that accelerate web applications development.

Rails is specifically designed to have an easy extension with use of Ruby gems. A huge ecosystem of Ruby gems has been created because of it. These gems can accelerate development process and extend application process by reducing time involved to work on common functionality development.

• Devise

Devise is the most common gem on Rails. This gem provides authentication solution that is convenience to use for Rails applications allowing registration, login, account locks, forget password, and other features related to account.

• Pundit

There is an importance of knowing the difference between authorization and authentication. Devise is the one helping in the authentication and verification of users while authorization is assures that users are allowed to perform any action or have access to any resource. Pundit is in charge of this whole process and provides simple ways of describing authorization systems just by the use of Ruby classes.

• Slim
Template systems are everywhere. Rails uses the template system of eRuby by default but it’s something that users typically choose to replace. Slim is considered as a common replacement because it is allowing users to maintain easy reading templates through its syntax while it maintains quick compilation times.

• Drapers

Draper is the gem that allows user to create decorators around their models. This gem makes views cleaner so users are prevented to write helpers. Rather than calling helper along the models procedurally, users define the decorator wrapping the original model and giving the list of extended attributes and methods to objects.

• Cells

Many application components are often re-used. Basically, partials are in the use of these behavior but users must take control on partial calls and all partial calls having consistent behavior. Cells allow users to take part of controllers and encapsulate those in their own controller. By this, you can mark your own code cleaner and avoid helpers.

• FriendlyId

URL resources are typically identified by private key, which is also the database ID. But this may result to un-optimized URLs of web pages which aren’t that user-friendly. FriendlyId can instantly transform URLs to a friendlier, easy to memorize URLs so there will be no code changes on the application.
• Simple Form

Forms are the core of very web application. User interactions are usually done using web forms. Simple Form simplifies simple and repetitive tasks. It implements simple to use DSL in creating forms. Users spend lesser time on writing HTML for forms and have more time for the heart of the application’s business logic.
• Paperclip

It’s also hard to deal with file attachments because they involve relevant work and time to implement them in a secure manner. Paperclip takes charge of this process on Rails applications and extends time for thumbnails.
• Kaminari

This gem is the most popular having 5M downloads. This enables users to paginate from ActiveRecord relations to simple arrays using simple APIs fully agnistic to any template or ORM engine.
• Sidekiq

This gem is the most popular in background processing tools. It has simple API and scale even better than some background processors.